The Last Bookstore L.A.

Have you ever been to The Last Bookstore in L.A.? I went last night for the first time ever, even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles for most of my life. Traffic here is horrendous every day and night at every hour, let me tell you. So driving to downtown is no easy feat.

But, I will say, it’s worth the drive! After taking some silly pics via Snapchat (below), a friend and I headed down there in 5:00 traffic for a special event and it was great! We got to meet the author of Sibella & Sibella, Joseph DiPrisco, as well as a panel of publishing experts. I can’t wait to start this novel so I can give it a full review.

If you’re ever in town, this place is a must see for book lovers! On the main floor, there’s much more than books. They have a huge array of records, comic books, and fun little knick knacks. The YA section is toward the back of the store and sits right next to an amazing vault that houses first edition books! The vault alone was mesmerizing.

Navigating through downtown can be tricky, especially during peak traffic hours, so be careful. There are tons of one-way streets and parking is scarce. We parked around the corner at a 24 hour parking garage for only $8.00. I can’t wait to go back and finish exploring this place!

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