So you want to read books online for free…a Wattpad review


*I am not affiliated with Wattpad and was not paid for this post. I just like it. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to read some books online, but you just don’t know where to start. Sure, you can easily jump onto Amazon and purchase some e-books, right? But, what if you don’t like them? Can you really refund an e-book? You also can’t simply hand it off to a friend to see if they’d like it instead. Enter e-books for free. 

Yes, FREE! It’s my favorite four letter word (okay, maybe not favorite, but it’s definitely in the top 3). 

With so many choices, I’m going to start out with my favorite – Wattpad!

If you’re unfamiliar with Wattpad, buckle up, because I’m about to blow your mind. Seriously. It’s a website and app (you don’t have to get the app, but it makes the whole process a lot more convenient). It’s free to download and sign up. There’s no catch. You just get the app or go to their website, sign up with your name, email, and choose a user name that’s available. That’s pretty much it. Now the fun begins!

The best thing about Wattpad is that authors can upload their books easily. One thing to take note is that most authors upload a chapter at a time. Some prefer to do weekly updates on specific days, like every Friday, while others may do updates more or less often. It just depends on the author’s preference. Why do they upload a chapter at a time instead of the entire book all at once? The theory is that it’s like an episode of your favorite T.V. show. You sit down to watch your show once a week at a specific time and need to wait until the following week for it to continue. It builds suspense. Once a book has all chapters uploaded, it will be marked ‘Complete’.

That said, you can scroll through the list of available books by genre. There’s everything from romance, horror, fan-fiction, general fiction, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, LGBT, vampires, werewolves, teen fiction…the list is endless. Just click the Discover tab at the top and then choose your genre. Or let Wattpad help and check out their Wattpad picks. I’m happy to say that my book, “Wish You Were Here” was a featured book on Wattpad! Yay! My other book, “The Accidental Drowning of Mary Ann Lamont”, made it onto the long list for Wattpad’s annual writing contest the Wattys 2018. The long list consisted of about 700 books that were chosen out of well over 150,000 entries!

 Read my books for free here

Once you choose a book, click on ‘Read’ and well, read it. Hate it? Click out of it and find a new one. Love it? Add it to your library by clicking the plus sign. You can make book lists in your library, too, if you’d like to group them. If you find an author that you really like, Follow them so you’ll be updated on their new projects, etc. You can also Follow other readers and make friends that way.

One key thing to note is that most of the books you’ll find are unedited. Even the ones who have gone on to be published. More often than not, the books on Wattpad are rough drafts and may have errors. Keep in mind that the ages of the authors vary. You can easily have a book written by a fifteen year old sitting next to a book by an older adult. Be open minded, as you never know where a gem may be hiding!

Still not sold on Wattpad? Check this out: Did you see the Netflix original movie, “The Kissing Booth”? Yeah, it started as a Wattpad book by author Beth Reekles, who was fifteen when she wrote it! What about the book, “After” that is being made into a movie? Also started on Wattpad (and gained something like a billion reads!). Author Anna Todd wrote it as a fan-fiction book for One Direction. One of my favorites is the trilogy by author Zoe Aarsen that is now a Hulu original series, “Light as a Feather”. I also love Sarra Cannon’s “Shadow Demons” saga and the first three books are on Wattpad for free! Her other books are available on Amazon for ridiculously cheap, so check them out!

The downside is that you may not find published books that are selling in the bookstore or Amazon, but again, that’s because this is FREE. Wattpad features millions of books – all free – allowing you, the reader, to discover the newest page turners. Plus, you’ll get the newest chapters from your favorite authors, usually before their books are even published. So many books on Wattpad go on to be published, like “The Cellar” by author Natasha Preston. Readers on Wattpad were able to read her books before they even hit the bookstores.

I’ll continue to update you on Wattpad, but this should get you started! If you do join Wattpad, make sure to look me up at: @elle_wrote_it and follow me so I can follow you back! You can also check out my books while you’re there!

I hope this info was helpful, but feel free to ask any questions! Enjoy!



  • If you find a book you like, add it to your library!
  • You can share a book you like with your friends!
  • Follow your favorite authors so you’ll be updated on their work. Remember that most authors post chapters one at a time, so this way you’ll be in the know and can keep up with your reading!
  • Really want to show your support to the author? Vote on each chapter by clicking the ‘Vote’ star at the bottom of each chapter’s page. Or give them a shout out by adding in your comment or question.


One thought on “So you want to read books online for free…a Wattpad review

  1. jyvurentropy says:

    This is such a wonderful and thorough review of Wattpad. I’m a huge wattpad addict myself and that’s where I’ve built my author brand, and made lots of great writing friends. I did want to point out one small error in your post, not all of the books are free. They now have a paid stories program with a very small amount of stories costing money. So, it might be worth your time to change that line from All free, to Almost all of them are free, or the vast majority of them are free.


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