Have you checked out Inkitt?


What is Inkitt? – you

Okay, so even though my favorite online tool for reading free e-books is Wattpad, I know there are many others out there. Like Wattpad, it has both a website and an app, making it convenient to read books from pretty much anywhere.

Inkitt’s standards for books they’ll accept and allow “published” on their site is a bit different than Wattpad’s. For starters, they need to approve an author’s work before it’s made available to readers. Here’s how my process went:

Since I have my book, Wish You Were Here, already saved in a Word document, I was able to upload the entire manuscript all at once. It took a matter of seconds! Then it guides you through the whole thing so you can insert page breaks between chapters. Also, took only a matter of seconds. That process was extremely easy.

Once you’ve uploaded your story and input the info in (like title, genre, etc.), Inkitt will either reject or approve your submission. If you have any photos, images, gifs, etc., take them out! Inkitt will reject it based on that alone. That’s definitely one thing I like about Wattpad – they allow you to include images into your story. Sometimes I like to add in a photo of the actor or actress that I’ve envisioned in the character’s role and enjoy sharing that image with my readers. Oh well.

If you story is approved, it’ll be posted to your profile and made available to readers. Instead of a simple voting system, Inkitt uses a five star rating system.

They also have a list of published books that you can purchase in e-book form.

You can check out my book on Inkitt under my profile:

Elle Wrote It under my name: Elle W.

Let me know what you think of this site!

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