What is #bookstagram?

I’m the first to admit that Instagram is awesome! It’s a great way to edit, save, and share your photos. And where there is a photo on Instagram, there are sure to be hashtags. So what exactly is with the #bookstagram hashtag? It’s the combo of “book” and “Instagram”, obviously, but you’re probably wondering what it’s purpose is.

#Bookstagram can be added to a photo on your Instagram page of whatever you’re posting, as long as it’s book related. If you search by the hashtag #bookstagram alone, you’ll find photos of books that either people are currently reading, reviewing, writing, sharing, etc. It’s one of many hashtags within the book realm, basically.

I’ve noticed lately that there are a bunch of Instagram profiles based solely on book reviews and you guys! Seriously? These photos are amazingly done! The prep work that must go into some of these…Wow! They’re styled so well, with so much effort clearly put into them, that I’m astounded.

Feel free to add the #bookstagram hashtag to your photos on Instagram and see what feedback you get! Whether you write or read (or both), this hashtag is hot, hot, hot right now, so enjoy it and use it to its full advantage!

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