All About Goodreads


It goes without saying that I love books. Hard copy, paperback, e-book…whatever form, I love it! But, as much as I love reading (and writing), going into a bookstore to find a new book can be rather daunting. How am I supposed to choose from all of the tons and tons of choices?

When I visited The Last Bookstore in L.A. recently (see my post here), I was astounded at the vast amount of books there really are. You’ll have the same feeling by searching through Amazon. Sometimes I just wish someone would tell me what books to read, based on my likes and interests, you know?


*The Last Bookstore L.A.

Well, the good news is, I’m not the only who feels like that, which is where Goodreads comes in. Founded in December 2006, Goodreads has become the social media site for book lovers. Once you create a profile, you can add your friends (like from Facebook or other social media sites), rate books you’ve read, and add books you’d like to read to your list. You can also view books’ reviews and ratings. Their search engine is powered through Amazon. You can create your own book “shelves”, name them whatever you want, and even add a book if it doesn’t show up in your search.

You can create an avatar for your profile, control your privacy settings (hiding your birth date, for instance) follow your favorite authors, and even create events and invite other members to attend. If you have young children, you can create a shelf for them of books they’re interested in. This is a great way to list potential gifts, such as holidays or birthdays, for family or friends who don’t know what to buy.

Personally, I’m hoping to set up a shelf of books I’ve read so that I don’t accidentally buy them again! Also, I’d like to keep track of what I read, which books I liked and didn’t like, and so on. A virtual book shelf has endless possibilities!

As an author, I have just created my Author Page on Goodreads and am looking forward to using their author’s features. I can answer questions my readers post, set up giveaways or events, and track my book’s popularity. Find my profile on Goodreads here. 

Have you checked out Goodreads? If so, please visit my profile and if you’ve read my book, I’d love it if you’d leave a rating!




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