E-Squared: Experiment 1

If you haven’t read my post on “E-squared” by Pam Grout and the book’s experiments that I’m trying (and documenting), I suggest reading that first so my experiment posts make sense. You can read that first post here

Experiment #1: The Dude Abides Principal

In the first experiment, you are to pick a period of 48 hours and ask the universe to prove to you that the energy you keep hearing about actually exists. The proof will be in the form of a blessing, such as a gift or unexpected surprise. That sounded easy enough, so the other night I decided to give it a go.

I told myself and the universe that within the next 48 hours, which will fall on a Friday and Saturday, I would receive a gift. When that sounded incredibly vague to me, I went a step further. Knowing my weekend plans would consist of attending a book signing at The Grove in Los Angeles, I told myself that I would win a recent contest I entered where the prize is a free copy of the book, “Light as a Feather” by Zoe Aarsen. This morning, I go on Twitter like usual and immediately find a message from Aarsen saying I won! You guys! WHAT?! I won a free hard copy of her book and a gift card for *Hulu.


To say I was shocked is such an understatement. I’m super excited to win, but I’m even more excited that this first experiment not only worked, but it worked almost instantly.

Over the remaining hours in that time frame, I also got a free pair of beats headphones from a friend and a bunch of gifts for my daughter from my aunt “just because”.

Okay, I’m convinced that Experiment #1 was a success! Onto the next one…

*The new series based on Aarsen’s book, “Light as a Feather”, is now on Hulu! 

To read more about both books, “E-squared” and “Light as a Feather”, click the pics below!

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