History of the Ouija Board

I’ve always been very familiar with the Ouija board. My grandma used to have one that she’d use on certain occasions and we were always taught that Ouija boards are not toys. Used as a way to communicate with dead spirits, the Ouija has been around for quite a while. So where did the Ouija board come from?  (And don’t you love this one with the Supernatural theme?!)In the late 1800’s, the New York Daily Tribune reported on a new “talking board” being used in Ohio. As talking boards became more popular in 1890, the Ouija board was granted a patent. Where the name “Ouija” came from is unclear. Some say it’s an ancient Egyptian word meaning “good luck”. Others say it’s a combination of the word “yes” in both French and German. Lastly, it’s also thought that it may come from famous author and popular women’s rights activist Ouida, whom medium Helen Peters strongly admired. Sold to Parker Bros. in 1966, the Ouija board was later taken over by Hasbro when that company was sold to them in 1991.

Spiritualism and holding seances was pretty common back in the day, especially since life expectancy was so much less than it is today. The Ouija board started to become so popular that it outsold Monopoly in 1967, selling over 2 million boards that year! Today, it’s still sold in stores in the toy and board game aisle, but you have to wonder, Is it really just a game? 

In the 1950’s, using the Ouija board was seen as something silly, like a joke people played for fun. It wasn’t really until the movie, The Exorcist, that people began to wonder if the Ouija board was more than just a goofy game and really possessed any power. That is hands down the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, by the way. Just sayin’.

The Ouija board took on the idea that it was spooky and evil, with many people getting rid of theirs (usually by burning it!). On the flip side, there were people who were more intrigued than ever and eager to prove the Ouija board can successfully be used to contact the dead. Whichever side you fall on, if you decide to give the Ouija board a try, there are some important tips you’ll need to follow.

If you ask me, the Ouija board is definitely real and can be used to make contact with spirits who have passed on. However, since there is no guarantee what type of spirit you’ll contact, it’s crucial that you protect yourself and the other players from any evil. I fully believe that there are both good and evil spirits that can influence some people and their surroundings. That said, make sure that all the players are serious about using the board and aren’t going to mess around by playing jokes, which is a good reason not to allow children to play.

Also, one person should be designated as the main speaker. It’s also a good idea to have one person write everything down so it’s easier to communicate. Lightly touch the planchette with your fingertips and have one other player do the same. You can start your session in any way you feel is best, like asking if there are any good spirits there. You can also state that you only want good and loving spirits, and will not communicate with any negative or evil spirits, as they are not welcome. Go on to ask additional questions, like the spirit’s name and age. When you’re done, it’s important that you say “Goodbye” and properly end the session before putting the board away.

Remember that the Ouija board is simply a tool, much like a crystal ball. It’s an aide to help you, as you are the one with the real power, so to speak. The Ouija board itself isn’t dangerous. Rather, how it’s handled can be. How you conduct each Ouija session is crucial since you don’t want to invite evil into your home, right? Evil can be produced no matter how you invite it in, so use caution not just with this board, but with your life in general. It’s easy to say or think negative things that you may not truly mean, but words and thoughts have more power than you may know. If you haven’t already, read my post on the Law of Attraction here. 

Have you played the Ouija board? If so, what was your experience? I’d love to know your thoughts! Until then….GOODBYE. 

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