E-squared: Experiment 4

If you haven’t read my post on “E-squared” by Pam Grout and the book’s experiments that I’m trying (and documenting), I suggest reading that first so my experiment posts make sense. You can read that first post here


Experiment #4: The Abracadabra Principle

Get ready for more gifts! As with the first experiment, Grout wants you to once again be prepared to receive gifts from the universe. Is there something you’ve been wanting? Have you been wishing for something in particular lately, but just haven’t gotten it for yourself? When asked those questions, of course I could say “yes”. There are always little things I see that I want, but don’t necessarily purchase. Wants and needs are different, after all, and I don’t tend to splurge on myself often.


This isn’t like making a wish where you close your eyes and blow our birthday candles, toss a penny into a fountain, or blow a dandelion flower into the air and hope for the best. Using the power of your thoughts, this experiment has you magnetize something into your life. Grout says to be specific, down to the minute details, and then wait 48 hours. The key is to pick something that you actually believe is possible, like a flower from a loved one or front row theater tickets.

The week I did this experiment, So Cal was suffering through some horrendous fires. We had to evacuate and came back to neighborhood devastation. My “wish” was that our house would be okay, and thankfully it was when we returned. I can’t say this was because of my doing the experiment, so it’s hard to say if it was “successful” or not. I didn’t exactly wish for a small gift from the universe. What I got instead was much, much more. Seeing so many people lose their homes to fire is something I’ll never forget. It really puts things into perspective. I’m going to count this experiment was a success and move on to the next one, never forgetting just how close we came to losing everything.



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